The Gown for “Beauty Ball”

I am having a dress made…the first time to actually have a designer make something just for me….The Beauty Ball has inspired me….I am working with Brooke Priddy from Ship to Shore in Asheville NC. She is an amazing designer, I expect to look 4 inches taller and 20 lbs lighter in this dress…hey a girl can dream….

I have a “draping” appointment in2 weeks, where we collaborate on ideas and she will drape fabrics and we will check out colors…the process is amazing…

so today I went out searching for the perfect bustier or undergarment to “build” this dress on…not fun, these contraptions are made for girls who are not so well endowed to push everything up and make it noticeable…I do not have this problem, my girls have a life of their own already! so it was quite the irritating experience, trying to find something to “control” them….there is one possibility, not so sexy…but it does the job!

We’ll see what Brooke says…I will keep you up on the process. I am looking forward to seeing our vision become reality. I know I will love this dress…for a long time…I think I’ll just frame it and hang it on my wall after…..



Next week I will travel…to Tupelo Mississippi… In July!…..have I lost my mind? No…anything for a worthy cause! I met a lovely woman who came to Asheville to have areola tattooing done, she went back to her plastic surgeon who did her reconstruction after breast cancer and showed him….apparently he must have liked it because next week I am going there to tattoo 10 of his breast reconstruction clients…in one day!
Yes I am a gluten for punishment…whirlwind trip…but I love what I do, and the areola pigmentation is the best part….I have no idea what to expect, but the women in the office have all been so friendly…and it will be good to see Linda again…we will have dinner, catch up, and then I may get a few hours of quiet time..all alone, in a strange town…forced relaxation, if just for a few hours.
Look out Tupelo…here I come!

My daily walk!

On my “Story” page I talk about walking together on this journey…

Today I didn’t walk much further than from the house out to the deck! Not every day is a long walk… I worked on volunteer forms for Beauty Through Cancer. We are beginning our new education program …Hair-Skin-Hope at 2 local cancer centers this month and along with that comes new responsibilities, not only for me but for the volunteers who make Beauty Through cancer tick….without the help of these volunteers I could not see my dreams come true.

So putting together all the paperwork to protect EVERYONE involved is a bit tough….I don’t want to scare away volunteers but it is my duty to protect the organization and the offices and organizations we are affiliated with. I think it’s good for everyone to feel protected, informed and know where they stand…

I CAN say Beauty Through Cancer has some of the most amazing volunteers I have ever worked with. I can say that from the viewpoint of BEING a volunteer and from the other side, coordinating and overseeing volunteers. We have an amazing volunteer coordinator, who takes my needs and finds a way to fill them…

I appreciate every minute that is donated to help us help others. We always need those with an open heart and a willing mind and body to do the work… everyone is so different in their strengths and it’s amazing what I learn from observing…  in the last year since opening the doors of Beauty Through Cancer, I have learned I do not have to do it alone! And I can’t… so it’s back to the paperwork for tomorrow is another day, and when it’s done, it’s done…at least till I change my mind!!