The Gown for “Beauty Ball”

I am having a dress made…the first time to actually have a designer make something just for me….The Beauty Ball has inspired me….I am working with Brooke Priddy from Ship to Shore in Asheville NC. She is an amazing designer, I expect to look 4 inches taller and 20 lbs lighter in this dress…hey a girl can dream….

I have a “draping” appointment in2 weeks, where we collaborate on ideas and she will drape fabrics and we will check out colors…the process is amazing…

so today I went out searching for the perfect bustier or undergarment to “build” this dress on…not fun, these contraptions are made for girls who are not so well endowed to push everything up and make it noticeable…I do not have this problem, my girls have a life of their own already! so it was quite the irritating experience, trying to find something to “control” them….there is one possibility, not so sexy…but it does the job!

We’ll see what Brooke says…I will keep you up on the process. I am looking forward to seeing our vision become reality. I know I will love this dress…for a long time…I think I’ll just frame it and hang it on my wall after…..