My Daily Walk!

The Mailing List:

Now this is interesting…trying to put together a mailing list and not forget anyone…how does anyone do this? I am combining many mailing lists and contacts, but so many people these days communicate by email, that actual snail mail lists are getting smaller and smaller… if you were forgotten for anything, please don’t take it personally! I am sure you will get an email with the same information!

Save The Dates are coming out soon for the Beauty Ball…The Date of the event is Friday October 1st , 2010….we are also advertising in Sophie Magazine, WNC Magazine and Verve Magazine….so no excuses not to know about it….Weekly newsletters will begin August 1st with lots of links to our sponsors and fun teasers about the fun we will be having!!!

You don’t want to miss this one…so

If you know you are not on my mailing list, or you just want to be…let me know your snail mail address…

I wonder when the day will come when getting pretty post cards in the mail will be a thing of the past? I hope no time soon!


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